Infrared Slimming Body Wraps

body wraps

Benefits of Infrared Slimming Body Wraps:

  • Promotes perspiration
  • Promotes Blood Circulation
  • Increases Metabolism
  • Heals Injuries, Arthritis & Sore Muscles
  • Burns 1400 calories in 60 minutes
  • Detoxifies & Burns Fat
  • Acts as Physical Therapy
  • Balances the Nervous System
  • Prevents Growth of Cancer Cells
  • Diminishes Inflammation
  • Helps With Sleeping Disorders
  • Improves the Immune System

What to Know before you Go:

  • Please be fully clothed, including long sleeved shirt, long pants and socks
  • Please bring an extra set of clothing, a plastic bag and a towel
  • Your body will continue to feel the effect even ours after
  • Do not shower immediately after treatment
  • All sessions conclude after 60 minutes
  • Please don’t forget to rehydrate before and after treatment
  • Very important not to be hungry or thirsty during treatment
  • For best results, two sessions per weeek are recommended
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